A Sports Guard Can Protect Your Teeth

Active children means accidents may happen. It is important to protect your teeth from damage and trauma. Injury can affect your child's speech, smile, and ability to chew.

Your top teeth are more prominent than your bottom teeth and are more likely to feel the force of any trauma. The guard will cover the top teeth while also protecting your tongue, inside of your cheeks, and jaw.

High impact sports include: soccer, football, hockey, basketball or martial arts. Keep in mind, injuries can occur in any physical activity. If you are unsure, it is always best to play it safe and wear the guard.


Why a Custom Made Sports Guard?

You can buy a guard at most sports stores or drug mart. However if you want to give yourself the best possible protection and comfort, you should get a custom complete coverage guard made by your your dentist.

With a superior professional fit, this ensures the ultimate protection and comfort. Why put your child's mouth at risk?

How Is It Made?

We take a mold of your child's mouth. The mold is then taken to a lab and once made, we will try it in the mouth to make sure there is no problems with the fit.


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