January 27, 2019



Gum Infection could be linked to Alzheimer's. Unfortunately there has yet to be a cure for Alzheimers, and for families who have loved ones suffering from this disease, the above study may be an interesting read. It discusses how a molecule in periodontitis (Gum Disease) could be possible for causing or making Alzheimer symptoms progress. By blocking that molecule, they have seen improvement in Alzheimer patients!!! Still lots of testings to be done, but there is always hope in every scientific breakthrough.


Gum disease is also quite preventable! See your dentist for cleanings at least twice a year to keep conditions under control. Did you know some individuals need cleanings even up to 4 or 5 times a year? Ask us today.

Jan 10, 2019



We had a great day today at our Water Pik Lunch and Learn. It was amazing to see so many staff members come out and participate. We had a great time and enjoyed the food, and spent a good hour educating ourselves how to take care of our oral health and our patients teeth. This water pik is designed especially for those who hate flossing. Many of our patients have become water pik lovers and have noticed a huge improvement in their gums and less bleeding in a matter of days.

Hope to continue having good turns out in the future.

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