Many of us know someone over the age of 65 and understand the importance of providing quality health care to seniors. Particularly those residing in long term care homes, seniors are among the most vulnerable members of our society.


They Need You

Along with having to cope with disabilities, their frailness often leads to them to suffer from a variety of health related problems that range from mild to severe. Reports that 72-84% of long term care residents are unable to effectively brush their own teeth or find it impossible to clean their own dentures.


How We Can Help

The Ontario Dental Association has always promoted ways to help the community. There exists a strong link between oral health care and health of the body. Quality routine oral health care can detect diseases early or avoid them altogether, reducing the likelihood of premature death and also aiding in cost savings by limiting the need for expensive ambulance transfers to hospitals and dental clinics.

This means routine visits by a health professional is necessary to monitor their oral health. Unlike the population norm, most seniors have difficulty sitting up and moving about, let alone brushing their teeth. Due to the lack of daily hygiene, they need more attention versus most people. Regular 3 month cleanings and monthly in room visits are recommended.



With our unique location within St. Joseph's Villa, we are wheelchair accessible and residents have the comfort and convenience of moving from their room directly to our clinic.


Long Term Care Act

Considering all the factors geriatric residents must face. The Long Term Care Home Act insists on the importance of oral health care. So much so they have placed a mandate, which requires homes to provide assisted morning and evening oral hygiene for all residents and to offer residents the opportunity for a dental assessment.



Our Goal

Our goal is to address the oral health of the residents at St. Joseph’s Villa and those in outreach communities nearby. We wish only the best for the community and we are always looking to improve our services to promote a positive atmosphere where residents can continue to enjoy and live comfortably.